By Andrea Romano
July 24, 2018
Credit: Getty Images

The town of Lucerne, Switzerland, has replaced its church bells with the sounds of mobile ringtones while it works on a renovation, according to the BBC.

Officials from the Catholic church, St. Peters Chapel, involved art students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences during its renovations. The original bells are currently inactive during the renovations.

The sound chosen to replace the bells will be familiar to anyone who's ever owned an iPhone.

At first, the idea of temporarily replacing the bells with ringtones was a joke. But this joke came to fruition.

“We thought it was a telephone, a cell phone ringing. But I told them it was God calling,” one tourist told the BBC.

A student working on the project also told the BBC, “We confide everything to our mobile phone. We communicate with them when alone, we ask them for advice. All of those tasks are actually attributed to the gods.”

The ringtones will not remain a permanent change for the church, however. The project will only last until July 30.