KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe
Credit: Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

There are some social rules on planes that just shouldn’t be broken.

Rules like never take up more overhead bin space than you need, and don't rest your feet on the chair in front of you. But one of the worst things a person can do while they’re stuck with dozens of strangers in a flying tin can is bring hot, smelly food with them.

Even if it technically smells good out in the open, it should never be on the plane. Ever.

But we, as humans, sometimes crave a filling, hot meal. So KFC in Japan set out to solve this problem by creating a less smelly fried chicken that still satisfies your hunger without bothering the people around you.

KFC Japan is now selling “Fried Chicken Home Type,” a smell-free version of the fast food chain’s original chicken, for ¥500 (or about $4.42). It’s only available right now at a temporary pop-up inside Tokyo’s Shinjuku train station, but we’re hoping this experiment is successful enough to be launched world-wide.

Apparently, this type of chicken is made with a special cooking method that traps the delicious odors from wafting into someone else’s face. However, these smells actually are released if you put it in a microwave, according to Sora News 24.

Extra Crispy has a theory that it’s actually just cold chicken, and we’re inclined to believe it.

Plus, as Extra Crispy reported, KFC is actually one of Japan’s most popular restaurants around Christmas time, so it’s no wonder why this particular branch would be dedicated to finding a way for its customers to enjoy it, especially in December.

We can only hope it’ll be expanding to the U.S. soon. Holiday travel is bad enough without odd smells.