The entire world is finding their soulmates on planes and you can't even get a free snack.
Couple on Airplane
Credit: Getty Images

The unlikely and romantic story of #PlaneBae has officially taken over the internet, and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. So in case you somehow missed this nearly unbelievable love story, let us recap it for you.

On July 3, Twitter user Rosey Blair recapped her epic flight from New York City to Dallas. As Blair explained, she and her boyfriend, Houston, boarded their flight and asked the woman in front of them, who has only been identified as Helen, to swap seats so they could sit together. She obliged, and happened to be seated next to a charming man named Euan Holden.

Throughout the flight, Blair updated followers on the pair, who appeared to quickly hit it off before exchanging numbers as they got off the plane. The love connection was certainly surreal — so surreal that many people refused to believe that two people could fall in love on a brief route.

But, because we live in the digital age, those naysayers were quickly proven wrong when several people took to social media to share their own stories of how they fell in love with their partner at 30,000 feet.

“My fiancé and I met while on the same flight! We were flying to DC... someone asked him where his final stop was & he said “Pittsburgh” So... I naturally interrupted their convo & said “I’m from there!!” I always think if he wasn’t asked that, would we have ever met,” Twitter user Gabriella DeLuca shared on Twitter.

“I was finally seated next to a cute guy when a woman asked me to switch seats so she could sit next to her daughter. We only spoke for a minute but it was long enough to #CatchFlightsAndFeelings Both of us ended up on the same #flyawaybus. Happily Married 9yrs now,” Erin Gann also wrote on social media.

And the adorable love connections didn’t stop there.

“I met my beautiful future wife Becs on a plane LHR-DEN 10 years ago,” Warwick Goodall wrote, showing that the two kept their plane tickets as a sweet souvenir.

“My cousin met his wife at an airport bar. He legit purposely missed his flight so he could keep talking to her. Airport love is real,” Shannon Health shared.

“I sat in the wrong seat 20 years ago… 17yrs married, 2 kids & a dog later,” Twitter user Angela shared.

“My parents met on a plane! My mom was going to the bathroom but they hit turbulence so my dad told her to sit by him. They talked the entire flight. He peeped her work logo on her watch & called every single store until he found which one she worked at. Going on 30 years,” Twitter user Gail added.

So, if you’re really looking for love, maybe delete all those dating apps and just book a flight somewhere instead. At the very least you’ll get a great trip out of it, too.