Los Cabos Details Phased Reopening for Tourists in June — What to Know (Video)

Travel may not be feasible right now, but destinations are planning for the future and putting cleaning measures in place so they’re ready to welcome visitors when the time comes.

The beachy paradise of Los Cabos, at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, will be ready for vacationers seeking surf and sand while ensuring they’re safe with its “Clean Point” quality certification, the Los Cabos Tourism Board told Travel + Leisure.

The certification will be rolled out in hotels, restaurants, and with tour providers, as well as in airports where arriving passengers will have their temperatures monitored with thermal imaging and have to fill out risk factor questionnaires.

The vacation spot is also rolling out a phased reopening plan with five steps with the goal of being completely open for business in 2021. Starting June 1, the city will allow limited travel while implementing the new health and safety protocols so that by July they can move into Phase 2, reopening the international terminal at the airport.

boats at a marina in Cabo San Lucas
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According to the tourism board, a total of 65 hotels plan to reopen their doors on June 1, which accounts for 62 percent of all hotels in the area.

By August and September, the city will move into Phase 3, focused on boosting both national and international arrivals and trying to rebook reservations that had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

Next, the city will look to promote luxury and group travel as well as hope to welcome visitors from Canada and the UK from October through December. And by the first quarter of 2021, the city hopes to move into Phase 5 by restoring 60 percent of air connectivity and 80 percent of bookings.

The plan comes as Southwest has said it will start bringing back several international routes, including flying from Houston and Denver to Los Cabos by next month.

Los Cabos isn’t alone in trying to assure visitors hotels and attractions are clean. In Singapore, the country developed the "SG Clean" designation, based on a checklist of requirements, including having a process in place to check temperatures and increasing the frequency of disinfection.

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