Andrea Romano
February 28, 2018

Quite a bit of snow has been hitting the U.K., even in the southeast and in London, where commuters are finding some creative ways to get around — even when the snow isn’t very deep.

Twitter user Nicola Heath shared a video of one man attempting to ski through London’s Oxford Circus area in what appears to be very shallow snow. The rare weather event has already been dubbed “Snowmageddon.”

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Some Twitter users noted that the mystery man was attempting to ski in under a half inch of snow. This might be why he's having so much trouble getting a good start. It might be more time-saving to just invest in a good pair of snow boots.

But apparently he was not alone, as several Londoners have been casually busting out their skis to get from point A to point B all over the city. The Evening Standard caught some photos of residents having fun in Soho earlier on Wednesday.

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Roads are expected to be backed up and mass transit delayed or canceled as the snow settles in, so more city dwellers might want to think about getting out their skis — or maybe they should just stay indoors with a hot cup of tea instead.

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