By Andrea Romano
August 20, 2018
Credit: Anthony Devlin - PA Images/Getty Images

Imagine going to the airport and finding out that checking your flight status is more like figuring out your homework assignment in high school.

For travelers at Gatwick Airport in London on Monday morning, getting to their gate was exactly that.

According to the BBC, Gatwick staff had to bring out whiteboards (like the ones you had in school) to notify passengers of their flight statuses due to all the digital screens in the airport being downed by technical issues. Vodafone confirmed with the BBC that a damaged cable caused the problem and is currently working on fixing it.

One passenger, Robin Blanford, was in the midst of the chaos and posted a photo on Twitter.

Staff members used radios to communicate and update the white boards constantly. Of course, the huge crowds clearly made it more difficult for passengers to quickly see their gate and set off for their destination.

An airport spokesperson said to the BBC that a “handful of people” ended up missing their flights as a result, and apologized for the inconvenience. Their statement also said “tens of thousands” of people still managed to depart on time.

To help ease the crowds, the whiteboards were accompanied by a projected Word document, according to one passenger on Twitter.

Despite the confusion, some passengers still praised the airport staff for their ingenuity and dedication.