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Comedian Lewis Black with gummy bears in background
Credit: Getty Images [edited]

No problem plagues the international traveler quite like jet lag.

Despite technology, pills, and lavender sachets, jet lag (and its subsequent grumpy, groggy mornings) is an unpleasant side effect of leaping across time zones.

Famously crotchety comedian Lewis Black believes he has found the solution in melatonin gummy bears.

In an interview with The New York Times, Black detailed what he always makes sure to pack while he’s on his comedy tours.

Although melatonin is a pretty common antidote to jet lag, Black prefers it in gummy bear form. Whether it’s for fun or functionality, “I find that nothing else can give you a leg up on relaxing,” he said in the interview. “But you don’t do two of them, you do four or five of them. Probably doctors will say I’m wrong, but it does work.”

Melatonin gummies (available for about $10 for a 120-count) are a good short-term cure for jet lag, but doctors don’t recommend using them long term. They work differently than sleep aids and are much better suited for adjusting sleep schedules than as sleeping cures.

Much of Black’s essentials for travel are related to health or wellness. Also included in his carry-on is a neti pot and a “goofy” necklace which is supposed to suck up negative energy and thoughts.