Stressed? Iceland wants you to let it out.


2020 has been quite the year. In fact, research by Promote Iceland found that 49 percent of Americans feel “increasingly stressed, frustrated, and tense due to the recent coronavirus lockdown.”

In the same study, 42 percent of Americans reportedly confirmed that COVID-19 restrictions have made them want to scream. Luckily, the Nordic nation listened and was inspired by scream therapy to officially launch #LetItOutIceland.

This campaign will give anyone from anywhere in the world the chance to scream out into the stunning open spaces across Iceland. For the next two weeks, you can visit the Looks Like You Need Iceland website and record a scream onto your phone or laptop. Then, you'll be able to select which of the island's remote locations your scream will be played from via a giant speaker. From the peak of Festarfjall in the Reykjanes Peninsula to the tranquil shores of Djúpivogur in eastern Iceland, there will be seven incredible spots where your scream will be live-streamed from.

man screaming in Iceland
Credit: Inspired By Iceland / YouTube

"Using a scream as a way to release pent up emotion allows you to reconnect with yourself, hear your own voice and reclaim the power that is inside you," psychotherapist and mental health specialist Zoe Aston said in a statement. "Releasing pent up emotion is not an invitation to attack, influence or express aggression; it is a way to become aware of your feelings and take a step towards being kind to yourself.”

To kick things off, influencers Jeremy Cohen, Gabrielle Richardson, Jeanne Grey, and Damon Dominique will be recording their screams. Go ahead, grab your device, and don’t hesitate to let it all out this summer. There’s no doubt how much better it will make you feel — and since your Icelandic travel plans are likely on hold, this is the next best thing.