The dream gig comes with a free hot tub, too.

By Andrea Romano
June 01, 2018
Getty Images

Looking for a job that lets you sit back, relax, and still rake in the cash? Aren’t we all.

But for one lucky person, that dream job may become a reality. Hot tub manifacturer Lay-Z Spa is looking for a discerning hot tub lover to test their new products.

The official title is probably the best part: hot tubologist.

By agreeing to be a hot tubologist for Lay-Z Spa, you’ll not only be the face of the company’s social media presence, but you'll also get a ton of free Lay-Z Spa items and a check for £500 (about $664 USD).

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In return, you’ll be posting your reviews of their products. Like, how bubbly they are, how soothing their heating is, or whether the product is both a hot tub and a time machine (just kidding about that one).

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Interested applicants have to record a 30-second video explaining why they should be a hot tubologist and upload it to Instagram. Your post should also include the tag @LayZSpaOfficial and the hashtag #Hottubologist. Alternatively, you can also post your video on the company’s Facebook page.

Entries will only be accepted until June 10, 2018 at midnight.

More information can be found on the Lay-Z Spa website.