Plummer has been detained in Egypt since her arrest in October.
Credit: Getty Images/Chicago Tribune

A British traveler has been sentenced to three years in jail after trying to bring painkillers considered illegal in Egypt into the country earlier this year.

The 33-year-old shopkeeper, Laura Plummer, was arrested on Oct. 9 after police found close to 300 pills of Tramadol packed in her luggage at Egypt’s Hurghada International Airport, according to the BBC.

While the pills are legal in some countries and throughout the U.K. with a prescription, they’re illegal in Egypt, according to the BBC. Plummer's family said she did not realize Tramadol was illegal in Egypt when she decided to bring the pills to help with her husband’s chronic back pain, which she obtained from a friend, the BBC reports. One of Plummer’s sisters, Jayne Sinclair, told the BBC that not even her husband knew she was bringing in the pills to warn her of their status in the country.

Plummer has been detained in Egypt since her arrest in October, though her legal team is currently debating whether to appeal the decision.

According to The Guardian, Britain’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson has told Plummer’s MP Karl Turner that he will do everything possible to help Plummer and her family.

Meanwhile, Turner is looking into whether or not Plummer would be able to serve part of her prison term in a U.K. prison.