Get your face on a Kulala Plane
Credit: Courtesy of Kulala Airlines. Background: Getty Images

Who among us hasn’t believed that their face would look fantastic on the side of a plane?

A South African airline will plaster the faces of six winners on the side of their aircraft for a minimum of a week. Each winner will also receive two round-trip tickets to see their face in the sky.

Kulula airways has launched a contest to find six faces to stretch to almost 40 feet to adorn the sides of six Boeing 737s. In order to enter the contest, participants need to sign up for the airline’s newsletter and upload their best “plane face.” The winner will be drawn “based on the funniest, silliest and wackiest faces submitted,” according to the airline.

After uploading their picture, entrants will be able to see a simulation video of what their face would look like on the side of a plane.

There’s a consolation prize for those who aren’t chosen: In addition to the six winning faces, kulula will give five random entries a free round-trip ticket.

The low-cost airline flies to destinations in South Africa and cities in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mauritius, and Kenya.

Entries are open until April 30. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter.