Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Credit: Getty Images [edited]

When you think of most celebrity vacations, you likely conjure up images of lavish island getaways filled with champagne, the finest foods, and first-class accommodations.

But not for Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard. No, their vacations are way, way more relatable and down to earth than that.

On Monday, "The Good Place" actress shared a little behind the scenes snap of her quiet weekend getaway with her husband and a few loved ones as they bonded over a board game in what appeared to be a rather ordinary mountainside cabin.

“Finishing this perfect family vaca with a good ole fashioned game of super competitive Catan guaranteeing one or more of us will be in tears by the end of the night,” the actress wrote in the caption of her image.

Of course, Shepard and Bell are both avid board game fanatics and are even auctioning off a night of revelry over a few games with the charitable auction site Omaze. If you enter and win, you’ll be whisked away to Los Angeles to take part in a couple’s game night with the pair all in the name of charity.

The auction, according to Omaze, will benefit Opening Act, a charity in New York City that serves public high schools by offering students opportunities to develop leadership, community, and commitment through its innovative, high quality, free theater programming.

And if this photo proves anything, it’s that these two take game night seriously.

According to a few commenters on Bell’s Instagram photo, the couple and their friends were believed to be spending the long weekend at Mammoth Mountain in California, but this hasn’t been confirmed. It could make sense, however, since the couple does love a good local adventure.

As Bell explained to Airbnbmag, the best trip she ever took alongside her husband was actually a short flight to Michigan, her home state.

"My husband and I really wanted our kids to experience some time on a Michigan lake like we did growing up,” she explained. So instead of going to some far-flung destination, they simply rented a house and passed the time along the Michigan shoreline.

Sounds like the perfect, cozy, quick weekend getaway to us. Now, if only we could score an invite to game night…