Sea Cliff Bridge Wollongong, New South Wales
Credit: Getty Images

Four Australian kids went on the adventure of a lifetime over the weekend, stealing their family’s car and taking off on a 600-mile road trip.

The kids, aged 10 through 14, took off from the town of Rockhampton in Queensland and drove their family’s Nissan Patrol until they were apprehended in Grafton, New South Wales.

When police found the kids, they locked the doors of the vehicle and refused to get out, according to DW. A police officer used a baton to break the window of the car. There were three boys and one girl in the car. None are siblings.

Driving without a license is not the only illegal activity the children partook in that day (you have to be 17 to get a license in Queensland). To fuel the journey, the kids stopped in gas stations along the way and drove off without paying. Gas station workers noticed something suspicious about the driver at one point. "He is really short,” an attendant said in security footage. “Look, he barely even reaches the window.”

After reading a letter one of the boys had written (saying he was taking cash, fishing rods and the car), parents alerted the police that the children were missing on Saturday. The kids were taken into custody early Sunday morning but police say they were not arrested.

These are far from the only kids to run away from home in an epic manner. Last year, a 12-year-old stole his mom’s credit card and booked himself a four-day vacation to Bali after getting in a fight. And in November, an 11-year-old boarded a bus to Atlanta Airport and nearly boarded a flight, until an airport worker noticed he was without family.