Royal Family Christmas official photo
Credit: Chris Jackson/Kensington Palace/Getty Images

On Monday, Kate Middleton and Prince William revealed their adorable family Christmas photo to the world. Both Kate and William look as regal as ever, while little Prince George and Princess Charlotte share cheeky and adorable smiles with the camera.

But, instead of taking the photo for what it is — just another cute royal photo — the internet quickly jumped to many different conclusions, the first and foremost being that it was a sign the couple would soon be having another royal baby boy.

According to several websites, the royal family must be having a boy, because they are all wearing blue. Surely, if the whole family is decked out in baby blue, that can only mean one thing, right?

Well... perhaps it just means they like the color blue.

Sorry to burst your bubble, people of the internet, but this photo and the family’s color scheme has nothing to do with the gender of their unborn baby. How do we know? Well, the photo was actually taken months ago, far before Kate could ever have known the sex of her baby.

As Bustle noted, the photo was snapped by Getty Images photographer Chris Jackson on Prince George's birthday, which is July 22. That means the image was taken five months ago, well before the 18-week mark, which is when you typically learn the gender of your child.

Instead of trying to send a message to the masses, it looks like the couple simply loved the image and wanted to share it.

So sorry conspiracy theorists, but the royals aren't dropping hints — they have many more important things to do with their time. And who knows, maybe this time around Kate and William want to be surprised, too.