Kate Middleton is one busy woman. From working her duties as the Duchess of Cambridge, to helping her future sister-in-law plan her royal wedding, and preparing for the impending birth of her third child, nobody would blame her if she kicked up her feet and had her assistant run her errands. But, apparently, that’s not like Middleton at all.

On Monday, Middleton, who is expecting her third baby any day now, was spotted cruising the aisles at Waitrose, a grocery store in the United Kingdom, picking up plenty of fruits and vegetables along the way.

Of course, she didn’t look like the average grocery shopper. Instead, Middleton chose to glam things up by wearing black booties, black leggings and one of her favorite Joseph coats.

“I was just in Waitrose doing a bit of shopping. I just went round the corner of the aisle and I saw her. I said to my husband, ‘That looks like Kate Middleton,’” an anonymous shopper told the Daily Mail. “He said, ‘It's not,’ and I said, ‘It is.’”

The source added that she said “Hello” to the Duchess, who replied with a kind “Hello” back.

According to the shopper, Middleton was quite independent on her shopping excursion and even used the store’s self-checkout aisle to bag and pay for her goods.

Middleton then left the store, of course with her security officer by her side, and loaded up her own groceries into her Range Rover.

“It was like a surreal experience, to see her doing everyday things,” the shopper added.

Now that Middleton is on maternity leave from all of her official duties perhaps we will see her making more trips like this as she gets into full nesting mode. Though really, she may not have that much time to relax with her new baby, as she’ll be back to her official duties on May 19 to see her brother-in-law Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle.