Happy 36th birthday, Kate!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/Getty Images

Kate Middleton turns 36 years old today. And though the Duchess of Cambridge is now a mother of two and is expecting her third child in a few months, we sort of hope she takes the day as an opportunity to put the kids to bed early and head out on the town with her husband Prince William and a few of their friends, just like the good old days.

What do we mean by the good old days? Keep scrolling to read up on how Kate has celebrated her birthday in the past, which may give us a glimpse into how she plans to celebrate her big day this year.

2009: Kate’s 27th birthday, her first with Prince William

In 2009, Kate celebrated her 27th birthday. While it’s not typically a milestone year, this one was big for both her and the entire royal establishment as it was the first birthday she spent with Prince William by her side. It was also the first time Prince William had publicly stayed over at the Middleton’s family home, according to Popsugar. No word on if the pair had to sleep in separate rooms.

In 2010, Kate celebrated at her parents' home once again with William in attendance.

2011: Kate’s 29th birthday, her last before becoming a Duchess

In 2011, Kate again had a low-key birthday affair. Though really, no one could blame her as she had a royal wedding to plan, which took place just four months later in April of 2011. Instead of going all out for her last year in her 20s, she and William celebrated at home after attending the wedding of their good friends, Sarah Louise Stourton and Harry Aubrey-Fletcher in Yorkshire.

2012: Kate’s 30th birthday, the one where she went Hollywood

On Kate’s 30th birthday, her first as a royal, she spent the evening not only with her new husband, but also surrounded by a few of Hollywood’s leading men. In 2012, she attended the royal gala premiere of "War Horse" alongside director Steven Spielberg, and actors Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. During the screening, Kate was reportedly moved to tears, proving she was the royal everyone could relate to.

2013: Kate’s 31st birthday, her last before becoming a mom

In 2013, Kate celebrated her 31st birthday, while pregnant with Prince George. However, that didn’t stop the fun. At the time, Kate went out with family and friends to take in a Cirque du Soleil performance of Kooza at the Royal Albert Hall.

In subsequent years, Kate has kept an extremely low profile for her birthday celebrations, often celebrating at home with family. And while it’s likely she’ll do the same this year, it does appear that the circus is back in town. So perhaps we will all get another pregnant Duchess sighting after all.

Though, she was spotted heading to church alongside Prince William, Prince Philip, and her sister Pippa over the weekend, so it appears the family is still in Sandringham and will likely remain behind closed doors. Either way, we hope her birthday is filled with as much royal happiness as she can handle.