Justin Trudeau doesn't usually get snubbed, but his India trip is a different story.
justin trudeau
Credit: Hindustan Times/Getty Images

While it’s not uncommon for political leaders to sometimes don the traditional attire of a country they are visiting, some are questioning if one political leader might be taking it too far.

Justin Trudeau’s official trip to India with his wife and three children has been bringing the prime minister quite a bit of slack – and a presumed snub by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – with the latest incident involving the family’s attire choices.

According to the Washington Post, Trudeau’s family had India's top designers create a series of garments for the tour, which they are pictured wearing around the country.

Some people, including Indian politician Omar Abdullah, have been criticizing the move on social media.

“It’s a little over the top,” Vivek Dehejia, an economics professor at Carleton University, told Global News. “I understand on day one having to wear the traditional clothes but now it’s getting too much,” Dehejia added.

The family even outshone a few Bollywood stars with their outfits during a meeting on Feb. 20, according to the Washington Post, donning beaded saris, sherwanis, and mojari shoes while the stars themselves were in everyday pants and coats.

The outfits are just one of the bumps Trudeau has been hitting along his trip. He also garnered negative attention for misspelling Gandhi in a tweet and for the recent discovery that the Canadian High Commission had invited a separatist who was convicted of trying to assassinate a politician in the '80s to a dinner with Trudeau. (They later rescinded the invitation.)