By Stacey Leasca
July 18, 2018

Justin Timberlake may be busy on his world tour, but he always has time for a little romance with his wife, actress Jessica Biel.

The famous duo was spotted this week in Amsterdam, taking a bit of time away from work to relax together as a family. Along the way, both Justin and Jessica shared a few sweet Instagram updates with their followers from the trip.

In one Instagram story, Biel casually fixed her hair while looking into the camera. Timberlake playfully called her out, asking with a laugh, “Did you just fix your hair?” She giggled in return saying, “Yeah, I did,” to which her husband complimented her, adding, “It was good already!”

It appeared the couple was taking a romantic boat ride through the Amsterdam’s famed canals. Breathtaking, we're sure, but this isn’t the only European city the duo has visited in recent weeks. On Instagram, Biel shared a snapshot of her alongside her husband as they took in Wimbledon.

She also shared a series of images from her time in Paris just a few days prior.

Meanwhile, Timberlake posted an adorable photo of him and his wife as they checked out the glittering Eiffel Tower lights at night.

And he showed off his enviable accommodations in the City of Lights, which included a massive terrace overlooking the city.

Timberlake even posted a rare snap of his son, Silas, with his wife in Paris.

And closing out their adventure photos, Timberlake shared a clip from his new song, Soulmate, as he made his way down the River Thames in London.

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