Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin
Credit: GC Images

All Justin Bieber and his on-again girlfriend Hailey Baldwin wanted to do was start their July 4th celebration early in the Hamptons. But, as the Daily Mail reported, the pair’s summer vacation plans were thwarted on Monday by some unfortunate car troubles.

According to People, Bieber’s Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (which, by the way, likely cost somewhere around $200,000) broke down in the middle of an intersection in the Hamptons, causing a major traffic jam in the process.

Local police were called in, according to People, to manage the traffic situation before a tow truck could arrive to move the stalled vehicle. Both Bieber and Baldwin looked stressed out as they waited outside the car in the Hamptons heatwave.

But, other than the car trouble, People reported that things are seemingly going quite well for the singer and model. The two were spotted kissing in Brooklyn in late June, according to several witnesses.

Prior to heading to New York, the pair kicked off their summer vacation in Washington. There, Cosmopolitan reported, they were spotted in a hotel hot tub looking casual as ever.

Of course Bieber, a devout church-goer, attended services with his girlfriend in Kirkland, Washington.

A few weeks before this trip, Bieber and Baldwin were also spotted hitting up another church service in Miami, Florida, before heading to the clubs on Ocean Drive. According to sources who spoke to TMZ, they partied throughout the night, finally heading home at 3 a.m. No word yet on where the couple will vacation next, but if their travel history is any proof, it will be somewhere awesome, and somewhere that has at least one church in town.