By Andrea Romano
April 09, 2018
Credit: Olaf Protze/LightRocket via Getty Images

Finally, a job that makes it easy to relocate.

A job opening for a Visitor Services Manager on St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England, looks very appealing, especially if you only want a few coworkers, love the sea, and wouldn’t mind living on an island.

Credit: Olaf Protze/LightRocket via Getty Images

The position, according to the listing, involves “working with tide and weather,” and “responsibility for the visitor journey from the car parks to the castle and line management of over 30 seasonal employees.” It comes with housing on the island, should you wish to live there.

The ideal candidate would be a “practical, positive, solution focused individual” who can also “cope well under pressure.” While the population is only 30, the island welcomed about 350,000 visitors last year, so you shouldn’t expect to be lazing about the island all day.

St. Michael's Mount is a 58-acre tidal island, which means it's connected to the mainland by a causeway that is only exposed during low tide.

Credit: Getty Images/Robert Harding World Imagery

The position pays between £24,000 and £29,000 per year (about $34,000 to $41,000 USD), but this job is really about the perks. Not only are you living on a gorgeous island, but you’re also working in a real castle.

According to The Times, the position has already received some interest. Within a day of being posted on the official Facebook page, 10 people had applied.

The deadline for applications is April 17. To apply, go to the St. Michael’s Mount website.