By Andrea Romano
January 04, 2019
Getty Images

The cure for your winter blues are just a click away.

Starting today, Jan. 4, JetBlue’s gigantic “Big Winter Sale” is here to help you find the best fares for a last-minute winter getaway. Because we’re all already aching to start using those vacation days, and the year has only just begun.

According to JetBlue’s official sale page, travelers can score fares as low as $44 for a one way ticket.

And on top of being inexpensive, JetBlue is offering deals for some amazing destinations as well.

Some of the more impressive deals include one-way fares from Atlanta to Orlando (and vice versa), as well as San Jose to San Francisco for only $44, Long Beach to Las Vegas for $54, Boston to New York for $69, Fort Lauderdale to Aruba for $89 and Orlando to Havana, Cuba for $99.

There are also some flight plus hotel deals for travelers looking to book multiple night stays, including a four day, three night deal from Atlanta to Orlando for $265 and a three day, two night deal from Long Beach to Las Vegas for only $99.

Of course, with every deal comes a few terms and limitations. In order to cash in on the deal, travelers must book by 11:59 p.m. local time on Friday, Jan. 4.

Special fares are also only valid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between Jan. 16 and April 10, with blackout dates on Feb. 19 and Feb. 20. It’s also important to note that these fares are only for the carrier’s Blue Fare, which does not include a checked bag.

If you’re not looking to fly in the middle of the week, you can still find plenty of inexpensive fares on JetBlue. But if you are looking for a major cash in, check out the airline’s full sale page on its website.