By Cailey Rizzo
March 05, 2019
FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

JetBlue’s first transatlantic destination is likely to be London.

In an interview with The Independent, airline CEO Robin Hayes teased information about potential new transatlantic routes from New York City and Boston to the English capital.

Last year, airline executives began speaking about entering the tranatlantic market, with the specific intent to bring down the cost of business class seats. Now it appears that the airline is one step closer to making a big announcement.

Employees have been invited to an event in New York City on April 10 where executives will “chat about JetBlue’s vision and strategy.” The following day, Hayes is scheduled to speak in London at the Aviation Club.

“Potential routes to Europe could provide us an opportunity to grow our focus cities of Boston and New York as we consider the best use of our aircraft from a margin perspective in those cities,” JetBlue said in a statement.

According to Hayes’s interview, the airline is likely to operate service from its major northeast hubs in Boston and New York City to either Gatwick or Stansted airports on the London side. The airline will likely use its order of Airbus A321-LR aircraft on the journey.

“And if we make a decision to come, I promise you better service and lower fares than anyone,” CEO Robin Hayes told The Independent, “jetBlue flying to Europe would have a very important and profound effect in lowering fares.”

However, this isn’t to say that JetBlue’s service to London is a confirmed thing. According to God Save the Points, the airline has yet to apply for a “foreign carriers permit” in the UK, which would be necessary to operate international flights.