Here's how to get it.
New York City Pizza
Credit: Getty Images

Nobody does pizza like New York City, which means the rest of the country is missing out on hot, cheesy deliciousness. But people on the West Coast are about to get a taste of the good stuff.

From May 9 to 11, JetBlue, as “New York’s Hometown Airline,” will be delivering New York pizza in the Los Angeles area. Yes, real New York pizza, flown in just for you. Directly to your door.

The pizza itself is provided by beloved New York City establishment Patsy’s Pizzeria of East Harlem. If you’re concerned about room temperature pizza coming to your place, we’re sure JetBlue has worked out the logistics. Pies are baked in Patsy’s coal fire oven, packed for flight, and then sent to a kitchen to prep for final delivery.

The airline has committed to delivering 350 cheese and pepperoni pizzas per day. Customers only have to pay for the cost of the pie, $12 for a plain pizza and $15 for pepperoni, and JetBlue covers the rest. All pies are first come, first served.

Ordering begins on JetBlue's pizza website at 12 a.m. PDT on May 9, and closes each day when pizzas are sold out. (We're figuring that will be some time around 12:01 a.m.)

JetBlue will notify customers with updates on their pizza’s ETA. All you have to do is watch and wait.