JetBlue is having another sale, so if the frigid weather in much of the U.S. has got you down, you can book a getaway right now.

The “Big Winter Sale” has fares starting at $39 one-way, with fares to ideal warm-weather winter destinations (like Barbados and the Bahamas) starting at $89 depending on where you're flying from.

The sale is on until Thursday night at midnight local time or ET, whichever is earlier in your time zone. Travel dates are from January 10 to April 25, 2018, and there are restrictions limiting which days of the week the cheap fares are available. The good news: The listed fares include taxes and fees.

The cheapest flights are from Pittsburgh (where it is currently *4* degrees Fahrenheit) to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For those in Florida who aren't satisfied with the current 60 degrees Fahrenheit there, flights to Barbados start at $89 one-way. It's in the 80s there.

JetBlue winter sale has cheap flights to the Caribbean
Anyone want to join us in the Bahamas this winter?
| Credit: Pola Damonte via Getty Images

From New York City, fares start at $84 one-way to Florida, $113 to Puerto Rico, $124 to Bermuda, $129 to Antigua, $134 to the Dominican Republic or Turks and Caicos, and on and on. If you were looking for an excuse to book a trip to the Caribbean, here it is.

There are also many cheap domestic flights — primarily from JetBlue's hubs in Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale — although we can't promise warmer weather in the immediate future.

The cheapest fares are JetBlue's “Blue” fares which does not include a checked bag. Be sure to check all restrictions before you book to ensure you're getting the deal you expect.