Jennifer Lawrence
Credit: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence took over the loudspeaker on a Delta flight from New Orleans to Los Angeles on Sunday.

“Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence,” the star said over the loudspeaker. She continued, asking the entire plane to chant “Fly Eagles Fly,” in support of the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of the Super Bowl.

Although Lawrence was born in Louisville, Kentucky, she is evidently an Eagles fan, after having spent time in Philadelphia for the 2012 movie “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Some loyal fans joined Lawrence in the chant although, according to video from the flight, not all passengers in the cabin were amused.

She then proceeded to quote the infamous airplane scene from “Bridesmaids,” saying, “There is a colonial woman on the plane. She is churning butter.” The video cuts as a flight attendant continues the re-enactment, saying “Ma’am, ma’am.”

“It was just like a fun, spontaneous chant by Jennifer Lawrence that we definitely appreciated,” a passenger on the plane told People. “I think everyone just went along with it, since flights are so boring.”

The short stunt may have just been a coping mechanism for Lawrence, who has spoken at length about her intense fear of flying. Last year, a plane she was on had to make an emergency landing because of double engine failure. And in one incident, Lawrence attempted to jump out of an Air France plane because she started feeling extreme claustrophobia.

Lawrence was in New Orleans to give a speech at the Unrig the System Summit at Tulane University on Saturday evening.