Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are two lucky celebrities. Not only do they get to work with their buddies on some of the funniest movies in cinematic history, but they also get to make those movies in paradise.

On Tuesday, Sandler and Aniston were spotted filming their new Netflix comedy, "Murder Mystery," on the Italian Riviera.

According to the Daily Mail, Aniston, Sandler, and their third co-star Luke Evans were filming in the town of Portofino, Italy, a popular travel destination for the rich and famous.

In the paparazzi shots, the entire crew can be seen filming the new movie on a gorgeous yacht, so apparently it was a tough day at the office.

In between shoots, Aniston and Sandler have been busy taking in all the sights and relaxing by the water. According to People, Aniston was spotted in a bright blue bikini and oversized sunglasses as she tanned by the water in Portofino during a day off. But really, that should come as no surprise for this sun worshiper. As Aniston told Harper's Bazaar, “Being Greek, we love our tanning, but I’ve been on hiatus. And I miss it. It brought me a lot of happiness being able to lay out there and get that vitamin D.”

According to the Daily Mail, Aniston and Sandler play a married couple in the film who go on a European vacation to attempt to revive their marriage.

Along the way, they meet a mystery man who happens to invite them to a family gathering on his mega-yacht. Mystery ensues after one of the wealthy men on board is murdered, and Sandler and Aniston become prime suspects. The film is set for release sometime in 2019.