Another year, another world record.

While the rest of us are wasting our birthdays on cake and parties, one man is outdoing us all by breaking world records to celebrate turning another year older — and this year he's 106 years old.

Jack Reynolds, a great-great-grandfather from Hollingwood, England, broke the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to ride a zip line last week on his 106th birthday. (To put that in perspective, he was born the year the Titanic sank.) This is his third world record-breaking birthday in three years, having also become the oldest person to receive their first tattoo on his 104th birthday, and the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster on his 105th.

The daring centenarian, who normally uses a wheelchair, rode the 196-foot-high Grizedale Forest zip line in England’s Lake District, cruising down the 1,312-foot length at 40 miles per hour. Afterwards, surrounded by his family, Reynolds gave a wink and a big thumbs up, saying, “That speaks for itself.”

Reynolds’ adventurous spirit and young-at-heart attitude have inspired many, who took to Twitter to express their admiration:

In addition to bagging world records, Reynolds is giving back by using the attention he's garnered to raise money for good causes. His daughter Jayne told Metro, "He just decided to use his old age to make money for charity, that’s his main motive but in the meantime, he is getting a lot of fun out of it." On his JustGiving page, Reynolds writes, “It has become somewhat of a tradition that on my birthday I use my new age to help raise money for worthy charities.” This year his charity of choice is the Stroke Association.

Reynolds is no stranger to challenges, having rung in his 102nd year by participating in the viral ice bucket challenge wearing just a pair of Union Jack flag underwear. At 104, he became the world's oldest person to fly in a vintage 1930s Tiger Moth plane, and he also recently learned to rappel at a climbing facility hear his home.

When asked how this year’s record felt different than his other birthday challenges, he said, “It’s been different, but it’s been better!” We can’t wait to see what Jack has up his sleeve for year 107.

As for his secret to longevity? A daily regimen involving whiskey. He has previously credited a drop of the stiff stuff in his morning tea, as well as a couple shots of scotch with lemonade at night as the key to keeping him healthy all these years.