By Cailey Rizzo
March 15, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Jamie Abbott

It’s a great time to buy property in Italy. Truly, they are practically giving it away these days. However, it’s an awful time to sell. Unless you get inventive, that is.

One British man is selling his property in rural Abruzzo by way of raffle. The lucky winner of the raffle will acquire the three-story house, valued at about $282,000 (€250,000) for roughly $66 (£50).

Abbott has 6,000 tickets for the raffle. In order to declare the raffle a success, he needs to sell 4,000 of them. He has already sold 3,000.

Credit: Courtesy of Jamie Abbott

“We have tried to sell the house via the usual means, using knowledgeable local and international agents, but the market has been quiet and, despite some expensive advertising, there have been no serious takers,” Abbott wrote online. “As such, we’ve decided to run this competition so one lucky winner will get the keys to this gorgeous house in Italy.”

The three-story, three-bedroom house is located on the edge of Carapelle Calvisio, a medieval town in Abruzzo’s Gran Sasso national park. It comes furnished with charming decor. There are several unique features including an original stone staircase, sunny garden terrace and a bathroom with a cave for the ceiling.

Credit: Courtesy of Jamie Abbott

Abbott went all out on the raffle. He has a website and social media accounts dedicated to the contest. There are videos and he is doing interviews about the property.

“We’re just being as open and transparent as possible,” Abbott told The Local Italy. “We want to give the raffle authenticity to make it personal.”

Credit: Courtesy of Jamie Abbott

A second prize winner will receive $13,270 (£10,000) and five third prize winners can claim a hamper filled with food and wine from Abruzzo.

The contest is open until Sept. 30 — or until the 6,000 raffle spots sell. The drawing will be held at the end of October.

For more details or to enter the drawing, visit Abbott’s website.