Famous Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. Ella, Sri Lanka.
Credit: Getty Images

Capturing that perfect travel Instagram picture takes hard work.

Some social media stars bring their own props, like fairy lights or paper cut-outs, to get the best photo. Others opt for clever angles to do the job. But for other shots, Instagrammers are developing a reputation for taking risks — big ones, like hanging out of a moving train.

Travel bloggers and influencers Raquel and Miguel, also known as @exploressaurus_ on Instagram, are being criticized on social media for posting pictures of themselves hanging out of a moving train in Sri Lanka, according to The Independent.

The photo shows Raquel hanging out of the train almost completely while Miguel leans out to kiss her forehead. Another photo shows Raquel hanging out of a train as it passes by some elephants.

Commenters on social media have called the photos “irresponsible.” One commenter said, “Be a role model guys… it’s not rocket science,” according to Yahoo Sports.

Many destinations are becoming more proactive to ensure everyone’s safety when they visit. Many popular sites in Ireland have even been installing “selfie seats” as a precaution for people who may be risking their lives to snap a picture.

According to The Independent, the bloggers responded by defending their photo, noting that the train they were on was moving very slowly.

Still, even falling out of a slow train can harm you. Many commenters called out influencers in general to take more time to talk about safety, so as not to encourage others to try these stunts.

They added that many locals and tourists hang out of the train or sit with their feet dangling in order to take in the sights. “Locals don't do that for likes or for Instagram, right?,” said the bloggers.

They added that anyone could be able to do this shot and that the chances of getting hurt were “lower than the chances of falling from some stairs.”

According to The Independent, a simple search on Instagram for #travelblogger will result in thousands of pictures of people posing in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, not a lot of captions say, “Do not try this at home.”

If you are looking to take the perfect picture, just remember: Safety first.