Instagram travel hashtags: A woman looks at Instagram on her phone while traveling
Yes, travel Instagram captions are important, but it's the hashtags that can win you more followers.
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If you, like so many other modern travelers, spend ample vacation time taking photos and posting them on Instagram, it's likely you want your friends and followers to appreciate that effort. You may not be an Instagram travel influencer (yet), but that doesn't mean you can't use their hashtag strategy to grow your following and get your photos out there.

Finding the right hashtags to add to your travel Instagram posts can help bolster your views, get more people commenting on your content, and help people discover that you’re totally worth following. But, more than that, hashtags can also help you find a community of fellow Instagrammers who travel like you do. Be it #SoloTravelers, #FamilyTravels, or total #TravelCoupleGoals, searching for content that will inspire you has never been easier.

Here are a few travel hashtags to help you get started.

Travel Hashtags to Use in Every Instagram Post:

Here’s a key tip: Don’t go for the obvious, over-used hashtags like #Travel, #Adventure, #Explore — their audience has gotten too big to compete with. #Travel, for example, has more than 286 million mentions, meaning it will be nearly impossible for your content to be discovered. Instead, try variants on these hashtag classics to increase your chances of being spotted.

Tags to try: #Traveling #Travelers #Traveler #Exploring #Explorer #Wanderer #Wanderlust #TravelBug

Instagram Hashtags for Solo Travelers:

Like the above, solo travelers should try to avoid generic travel hashtags like #SoloTravel. Instead, find your niche audience and attract followers there.

Tags to try: #SoloTravels, #SoloTravelGirl, #SoloTravelDiaries, #SoloTravelStories

Instagram Hashtags for Female Travelers:

Ladies, here’s where you can win big. There are a ton of Instagram accounts popping up dedicated to female travelers, and they are all constantly looking for content to feature. These hashtags can go broad or get extremely specific.

Tags to try: #DameTraveler, #TravelingLadies, #TheTravelWomen, #WomenWhoExplore, #WomenWhoHike, #WomenWhoTravel

Instagram Hashtags for Family Travelers:

Traveling with your entire family is absolutely worth an Instagram shoutout. After you’ve finished tagging every member of your vacationing family it’s time to add a few hashtags.

Tags to try: #FamilyTravels, #TravelingWithKids, #FamilyTravelTribe, #FamilyTravelMoment

Instagram Hashtags for Your Location:

This one is major. Not only will hashtagging your location help you get discovered, but it will also help you inform your followers about where you’re traveling. This way, they can get inspired to travel too.

Tags to try: Be specific, like #LosAngeles, #California or #London, #England; or try a few variants like #ItalyStyle, #Germany_Insta

Instagram Hashtags That Will Get You Featured on Big Travel Accounts:

Want to get featured on a bigger account? Make sure to use their hashtag. For example, Travel + Leisure followers add #TLPicks to their photos so we can see them and maybe give them a repost.

How to Hide Instagram Hashtags:

If you're adding a bunch of hashtags to your post, you may think about hiding them further down your caption. This way, you can attract more followers without overwhelming people reading your post.

To hide your hashtags you can choose to add them as a comment to the post, or you can add line breaks to push your hashtags way down your caption.

Here’s how to do that: Use your iPhone’s notes app. Save all your hashtags in one paragraph. I use Notes on iOS. Put five or so periods down the list, each with a new line break. Then, add all your hashtags at the bottom of those periods. Now, you can copy and paste them whenever you need them.