There's a security guard checking follower counts and everything.

Street Art Los Angeles
Credit: Ted Soqui/Getty Images

If you’ve been looking for yet another reminder that Insta-fame (noun, the condition of being known by many people on the popular social media platform Instagram) is an actual thing, then just head to Los Angeles for a trendy wall mural that’s open only to social media “influencers” with either verified Twitter accounts or 20,000+ Instagram followers.

Welcome to 2018; this is our world now.

The social media elite (eye roll) can visit the art wall located at 7753 Melrose Ave., flash their Instagram or Twitter accounts to the security guard on site (yes, actually), weave their way into an uber-private tent (like Coachella VIP), and pose in front of a pair of painted angel wings that are so vibrant and Insta-worthy, you’ll want to hashtag and post it to your thriving social media platforms ASAP. #Content.

If you’re asking why this “private mural” exists, well, we don’t really know yet. Let’s review the evidence: a sign posted outside the tent says "FOR VERIFIED INFLUENCERS AND PEOPLE WITH 20,000 FOLLOWERS ONLY." Below that there’s a invite to connect with the makers of this exclusive opportunity that reads, “INFLUENCERS: PLEASE TAG US ON SOCIAL MEDIA!” with their associated Instagram and Twitter accounts on display.

Never mind if the accounts are suspiciously named @LikeAndSubscribe (Instagram) and @LikeAndSub (Twitter), never mind if neither one of their profiles actually has the blue checkmark or (as of Wednesday afternoon) 20,000 followers — the makers want you to tag them and prepare for whatever is “coming July 9th 2018.”

Scammy? Perhaps. A marketing stunt? Most definitely perhaps. But guess we’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out for sure. In the meantime though, you can pose for a pic in front of Colette Miller or Kelsey Montague’s angel wings murals located around the globe — regardless of your follower count.