A Small Town in Pennsylvania Is Being Taken Over by Giant Inflatable Snowmen — and Nobody Knows Why

Teenage elves are rumored to be placing the inflatables around town in the middle of the night.

Illuminated inflatable snowman with holiday lights
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As far as prank wars go, this one may take the (festive) cake.

Citizens in the Chippewa Township of Pennsylvania are on the lookout for a very merry band of pranksters who have been setting up 18-foot inflatable snowmen on people’s lawns in the middle of the night all across town.

It’s important to note that nobody seems to be mad about their appearance, and are rather pleased to be part of the festive and fun joy, especially in a year like this.

"It's fun. The little kids are going nuts," Donna Schaefer, a resident of the Highland Meadows neighborhood in Chippewa, told Times Online. "My kids are grown, but they keep driving up the street to see how many more snowmen have gone up."

Schaefer’s neighbor Cindy Turconi added, "It's hysterical. People are loving it."

According to Business Insider, the mysterious snowmen began popping up around Thanksgiving. It was then that Turconi woke up to find her inflatable turkey had been replaced with a snowman.

"I posted on Facebook, 'Thank you for the snowman, but who has my turkey?'" Turconi said. "So then it did magically come back into my garage ... I don't know why we were one of the first ones, but we love it."

Since then, more and more snowmen have arrived. To date, the Times Online says there are about 40 inflatable snowmen now dotting the town.

According to a few eye-witnesses, it all begins with Christmas music playing in the middle of the night. Then, they look out their window to see a group of what appear to be teenagers dressed as elves putting up the snowmen. Within minutes, they’re gone.

"This couldn't have come at a better time. We're all stuck in our houses, so this has been fun," Schaefer added.

According to the Times Online, while no one really knows who is responsible, some speculate that a local business owner is paying teenage employees to perform the adorable deed to spread holiday cheer.

"My husband and I were just saying the way this year has been, this is something nice," Turconi said. "It's really bringing smiles to many faces. People are driving through here now. It's a thing."

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