Indian airline Indigo
Credit: RAVEENDRAN/AFP/GettyImages

A passenger on IndiGo Airlines is claiming that the flight crew dragged him down the aisle by his collar after he complained about mosquitos in the cabin, India Today reported.

Heart surgeon Saurabh Rai was traveling to Bangalore when he compalined to the crew: “The IndiGo flight ... was full of mosquitoes,” he told India Today. “When I raised an objection, I was manhandled by the crew and offloaded from the aircraft. I was even threatened.”

In a statement to DNA India, however, IndiGo claimed the passenger was taken off the plane for disruptive behavior, adding that Rai “aggressively expressed his annoyance and started to use threatening language.”

The airline also said Rai attempted to rally other passengers to damage the aircraft and used the word “hijack” at one point.

DNA India reported that other passengers say the cabin crew only suggested that he should take another flight. However, they also made him walk all the way back to the airport terminal upon grounding him.

A video obtained by Asian News International shows footage of Rai’s flight. Mosquitos can be seen bothering some passengers, who swat them away. Rai’s confrontation is not in the video.

Another passenger, who tweeted their ticket to prove they were on the flight, also confirmed the mosquitos.

India's Civil Aviation Ministry is investigating the incident, Inc. reported.