By Andrea Romano
March 18, 2019
Hyatt Hotel Union Square New York
Credit: Courtesy of Hyatt

Going green while you travel might give you a few more perks on top of helping the environment.

According to The Points Guy, Hyatt is testing out giving its World of Hyatt program members some extra points when they opt to skip housekeeping services on stays longer than one night.

A photo of a door tag was shared on the blog, View from the Wing, which details the new offer.

According to the offer on the tag, members can earn up to 250 bonus points on their World of Hyatt membership for every night they decide to skip housekeepers bringing you brand new towels or changing the sheets. The new initiative is being called "It’s Your Choice for More Points," which is perhaps touching on familiar phrasing hotels use to encourage travelers to reuse their room amenities (like towels) more than once before changing.

A 2008 study in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that hotel bathroom signs that used bandwagon-like copy, such as, “Other guests saved this much water by reusing their towel” or, “This is how many guests opt to reuse their towels during their stay” were more effective than simple, eco-conscious messaging.

Reusing your towel or opting to sleep in the same sheets during your stay is becoming more and more popular as the “greener” option for travelers who want to decrease their carbon footprint. In fact, US hotels use an average of 25 gallons of water per room, per day, for laundry, according to research by Hydrofinity.

Other hotel chains, like Marriott, also offer similar services, The Points Guy reported.

World of Hyatt members can expect the bonus points to add up to about $4.25 in savings per night, according to The Points Guy. Of course, some restrictions apply.

In particular, as stated before, members cannot use this offer for stays that are only one night. In addition, guests cannot use this offer for the last night of their stay. Members are awarded 250 points per night that they forgo housekeeping services, and not for the entire trip. You must also be a World of Hyatt program member in order to opt in.

Hotels are choosing greener upgrades to appeal to eco-friendly travelers. There are many ways to tell how green your hotel is simply by taking a look at its services and accommodations. There are also many green hotels around the world that boast environmentally conscious amenities.