By Stacey Leasca
September 13, 2018
Carolinas Prepare As Florence Approaches As A Major Hurricane
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Make no mistake — Hurricane Florence is no laughing matter.

On Thursday, the massive storm hit peak wind speeds of 110 miles an hour, making it a category two hurricane. And with all that rain and wind will undoubtedly come destruction. But, before it hits, locals living up and down the Carolina coast attempted to have a least a little bit of fun.

While anticipating Hurricane Florence's arrival, locals began posting to social media using the hashtag #Hurrication (hurricane vacation, get it?) to show how they were enjoying their coastline and days off in the calm before the storm.

“Making the most of it,” one local commented in one of the more than 11,000 photos using the tag on Instagram.

“Calm before the Florence,” another added.

“Final Florence beach day,” another Instagram user posted.

Though these people may seem like they're taking a potentially dangerous situation too lightly, Instagram user Gary Belcher gave a bit more insight into why people wanted to spend their last bit of time relaxing in their hometowns before evacuating.

“This, friends is what fully prepared and fearless humans do in the face of danger,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a post of people enjoying a day at the beach. “Like us, these two couples enjoyed a bit of ecstasy this morning in the face of an oncoming monster. Riding the rather calm waves was a bit surreal. As of this photo, hurricane Florence was forecast to land within mere miles of this exact spot in roughly two days. Yet, that force of nature’s arrival didn’t scare away the well-prepared and strong of heart. Good for them! While we had to depart a planned B&B stay a day early, we had the luxury of evacuating to the comfort of our own home. I must say that it felt a bit surreal to drive into the path of a massive storm. Towards danger. But, it was amongst the best -- albeit short -- beach trips I’ve ever had. Stay safe, y’all!”

Although it is ill-advised to ride out a hurricane when told to evacuate, if you can’t leave for whatever reason make sure you’re prepared by following these 30 tips from the Hurricane Center.