Golden retriever in a pile of tennis balls at Human's Best Friend event in New York
Credit: Courtesy of Human's Best Friend

Move over, puppy cafés. A new trend in indulging in adorable, fuzzy pooches has arrived.

As much as we love Instagram-friendly pop-ups like The Color Factory and The Rosé Mansion, they're missing one element that makes pretty much anything instantly amazing: dogs.

Luckily, pups are finally getting their time in the spotlight with a brand new pop-up museum in New York City called Human’s Best Friend.

According to Gothamist, Human’s Best Friend, located in the West Village, is offering dog owners and the dog-obsessed the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fun, interactive, and totally Instagram-friendly experience with their four-legged friends.

Human's Best Friend puppy pop-up in New York
Credit: Courtesy of Human's Best Friend

The exhibit features eight themed rooms with 20 photo-ops spread throughout. Room themes include "Lady and the Tramp," as well as a fun toy pit, a bone yard, and a water bowl room. Pet supply company Petmate donated over 10,000 balls to the exhibit, according to Gothamist, and there are tons of events, giveaways (like free BarkBoxes), and treats involved.

Toys at the Human's Best Friend dog popup event
Credit: Courtesy of Human's Best Friend

The best part? It’s a fun, off-leash activity that you can bring your dog to. According to the exhibit website, as long as your dog is physically and emotionally fit to happily play and experience the space (even with other dogs and people present), then they are welcome to come along.

Dog and polka dots
Credit: Courtesy of Human's Best Friend

But if you don’t have a dog, that’s OK too. The exhibit is working with 12 local animal rescues so you can play with adoptable dogs in the space. Second Chance Rescue, Bideawee, Badass Brooklyn Rescues, and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are just some of the participants. And yes, if you happen to find a best friend along the way, you are encouraged to adopt them – after all, that’s what Human’s Best Friend’s co-creator, Brian Tovar, created the exhibit for.

“So many dogs need our help,” he told Gothamist. “And then [it's about] having a space where human and best friend can enhance their bonds in an Instagrammable environment.”

Tickets are $29 for one human and $39 for one human plus their furry best friend. At the moment, the exhibit is only planned be open until Nov. 12, but Tovar mentioned they hope to extend their stay through the holidays.

More information can be found on the Human’s Best Friend website.