People Are Sick of Seeing 'Sent From My iPhone' on Your Emails — Here's How to Change It

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There are four little words in the English language sure to annoy anyone in your contact list: “Sent from my iPhone.”

The default signature message on the oh-so-popular iPhone is just a part of life for many Apple users. Even though it’s not uncommon to answer an email on the go, there’s just something about this message that seems to irk the people who receive it to no end.

Some people think the automatic signature is a bit rude, indicating that you simply don’t have time or energy to sit down and compose a well-thought-out response to whomever you’re emailing.

Others feel like it’s an unnecessary status symbol or power play.

And then there are people who just want everyone to look up and engage with the world. And on the other side of the spectrum, using that signature can be a good way to at least pretend your schedule is more exciting than it actually is.

For the people out there ready to do away with the message, there’s an easy way to change it or disable it completely.

First, tap on the Settings app on your iPhone (or iPad or whatever). Tap on Mail. Scroll down to Signature, and then tap on that.

Here, you’ll see two selection boxes that say All Accounts or Per Account. (You can customize your signature on some accounts linked on your phone.) Below those boxes, you’ll see that dreaded signature in a text box. Delete the signature completely, or just write in something that’s more personalized.

When you’re done, just hit the back button and your changes are saved.

- Sent from my iPhone

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