Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton are supremely in-demand people. No matter where they go they are swarmed by fans hoping to catch a glimpse of them — even at their own front door.

Tourists flock to Kensington Palace every day to not only take the famed tour of the residence, but to also take a few photos at the palace’s entrance. And this means the royals living inside can’t exactly just walk out the door whenever they want to leave. In fact, Harry and Meghan are rumored to be on their honeymoon right now, but no one has actually spotted them.

So just how do they go about their business without ever being noticed? According to reports, they take to the sky instead.

According to a new video and report in Hello! Magazine, the royal family is typically escorted to an awaiting helicopter that lands on the grounds of Hyde Park to pick them up and drop them off. From there, the royals are usually transferred into a waiting chauffeured car, with armed guards surrounding them for good measure.

"Members of the public who happened to be in Hyde Park at the time would have been able to watch the royals arrive," Hello! Magazine added. "The chopper's landing space is open for all to see, but the lawn is cordoned off by a low fence to prevent passers-by walking too close."

Of course, the family isn’t always trying to go unnoticed. In April, Kate Middleton was spotted grocery shopping just like the rest of us at her local Waitrose. There, shoppers revealed she said hello to everyone and went about her business picking up what we can only assume was dinner for Prince George and Princess Charlotte that evening.

So, you know, it’s not all champagne, helicopters, and caviar. You can either spot them in Hyde Park catching their private flight, or test your luck at a discount grocer near you.