One man with sticky fingers was done in by his own smelly feet.

Earlier this month, a man identified by the last name Yang was allegedly attempting to burglarize a hotel in China’s Wuhu province. In order to avoid making noise, Yang decided to take off his shoes, according to the Daily Mail.

In a surveillance video released by Wuhu County police this week, the burglar is seen sneaking across the floor of the lobby with his shoes in his hand.

But, little did he know, the hotel owner was in the next room over. Things were going well for the burglar until the owner was startled by a sudden and shocking smell. He walked out to discover the burglar tiptoeing across the lobby floor. The burglar bolted and attempted to flee, but the owner caught up to him in the parking lot and apprehended him.

Yang was taken in by police and questioned, where he revealed that he had burglarized several other hotels that night because he was short on cash. The case is still under investigation.

This isn’t the first time that a burglar in China has figuratively shot himself in the foot by removing his shoes. Earlier this year, a “habitual and professional” criminal was caught sneaking into homes in the Anhui province, according to the South China Morning Post. One homeowner returned while the thief was looking for valuables, so he hid under the bed to avoid detection. But the stench from his feet was reportedly so strong that the homeowner immediately found him. He was arrested that day.