Millions of Americans are traveling by plane today.

Credit: Bryan Maher / EyeEm/Getty Images

It's easy to visualize the traffic jams and airport security lines that build up as a result of holiday travel — but what about the crowds in the skies?

FlightAware's tracker shows you, in real time, just how many people are traveling by air for the holidays. The tracker, which is updating live on FlightAware's site, illustrates the thicket of planes traversing North America on Friday — one so dense, it's almost impossible to see the map beneath it.

Holiday travel was projected to be especially busy this year, with 107.3 million people taking trips between Dec. 23 and Jan. 1, according to AAA estimates. Of those, 6.4 million were expected to fly — and, according to ABC, 2.7 million of those travelers are boarding Friday flights.

While most travelers are likely journeying home or to see friends and family this holiday season, travel experts told Travel + Leisure that some of the most festive destinations are a bit more exotic, from Costa Rica to India.