Travel Assistant Train in Austria
Credit: Courtesy of Henna Rinnekangas

A Finnish travel blogger is now offering her services as a “personal travel assistant” for anybody who doesn’t mind paying for her company.

Henna Rinnekangas is the 32-year-old Finnish travel blogger behind Whatta Wow World. On Tuesday, she announced her availability as a travel companion, telling Travel + Leisure that she hopes to help people who need assistance traveling “make their adventures come true.”

“Overall, I don't think there are too many people offering this kind of service globally - so I can be a great help for the people who otherwise wouldn't be able to travel (disabled, elderly etc),” Rinnekangas told T+L.

Although the idea of a short-term traveling personal assistant or companion is not exactly new, Rinnekangas’s approach is unique: Travelers who agree to pay for everything for both themselves and the “personal assistant” will benefit from Rinnekangas’s company, experience, and planning skills. She will plan the itinerary and take care of any issues that pop up while on the road in exchange for transportation, accommodation, and food.

“I really enjoy traveling but also having good conversations with different people,” Rinnekangas said. “So I thought that it would be great to combine these too. I think you always learn a lot from other people, especially when traveling with them.”

Rinnekangas began traveling in 2011 and has since visited 40 countries, including Cuba, Fiji, and Iceland. She can assist clients throughout the world in English, Finnish, German, and Swedish.

Since launching the service on Tuesday, Rinnekangas said she has already received many inquiries. “Now, I just have to start browsing them through and see what I can do for them,” she said.

Her next trip will be through Asia for 10 weeks, passing through South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.