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Hillary Clinton boarding planes
Credit: Getty Images [edited]

In addition to an in-depth retelling of the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton's new memoir, “What Happened,” includes details on what it’s like to travel constantly on the campaign trail.

She's clocked countless miles, and you don’t have to be a presidential hopeful to pull a few pro tips from the former senator, secretary of state, and globetrotter.

She Works Out (Sort of) Like a Supreme Court Judge

“I try to find time for yoga or a strength and cardio workout,” Clinton wrote. “I’m no match for Ruth Bader Ginsburg ... but if she can find the time and energy to exercise regularly, so can I. When I’m on the road, I have a mini exercise routine I’ve now done in hotel rooms across America.”

She Overpacks, Just Like Us

“When I leave for several days on the road, I try to be superorganized, but inevitably I overpack. I throw in more outfits than I need, just in case the weather changes or something spills on me…I also overdo it on reading material.”

She Has a Favorite Flight Attendant

“Over the course of the campaign, we were joined by a number of flight attendants. They were all excellent, but my favorite was Elizabeth Rivalsi.”

In addition to preparing home-cooked (and healthful) meals and snacks for Clinton and the team — salmon salad, poblano soup, chickpea flour-brownies — Rivalsi also kept a rotating basket of snacks. “I have a weakness for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish,” Clinton admitted in her memoir.

And She Takes Food on the Road Seriously

“Someone once asked what we talked about on long flights. ‘Food!’ we chorused. It’s funny how much you look forward to the next meal when you’re living out of a suitcase.”

In an attempt to eat healthier on the road, “shipments of canned salmon, as well as Quest and Kind protein bars” were lugged onto the plane.

She Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

During the campaign, Clinton wanted to sleep in her own bed as often as possible. “Many nights,” she wrote, “that isn't possible, and I wake up in a hotel room somewhere. That's okay; I can sleep anywhere. It's not unusual for me to sleep through a bumpy plane landing. But waking up at home is the best.”

She Orders Room Service for Breakfast

“On the road ... it's hard to plan exactly what or when I'll be eating over the course of the day, since we're always on the go, so breakfast is key. Usually I opt for scrambled egg whites and vegetables. When they're around, I add fresh jalapeños. Otherwise, it's salsa and hot sauce. I'm a black coffee and strong tea person, and I drink a huge glass of water in the morning and keep drinking water all day long, since I fly a lot, which can be dehydrating.”