Did your chosen profession make the list?
Air Traffic Controller
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Looking back on 2017, you might reflect on the trips you took, the professional progress you made, and the moments you spent with friends and family. Still, let’s be real — you’re probably taking a minute to look back on the money you made this year, too.

It’s no secret that some professions come with a MUCH higher paycheck than others, but how large is the gap between the highest paid and lowest paid Americans?

Career Cast, a site that helps users find targeted job opportunities, has released their Jobs Rated report for 2017, a list that reveals the 10 highest paying and 10 lowest paying jobs of the year. While some of the rankings might surprise you, others are all too predictable, with serving jobs filling in the bottom portion and medical professions rising to the top.

Each ranking includes the job’s median pay, which can of course vary from state to state and from employer to employer, as well as the projected growth for that profession over the next 10 years.

The Lowest Paying Jobs of 2017

10. Janitor — $24,190, 10%
9. Recreation Worker — $23,870, 9%
8. Retail Sales Worker — $22,900, 2%
7. Home Health Aide — $21,170, 40%
6. Maid — $21,820, N/A
5. Child Care Worker — $21,170, 7%
4. Bartender — $20,800, 2%
3. Dishwasher — $20,800, N/A
2. Cashier — $20,180, -1%
1. Food Server — $19,630, 14%

While many of the bottom pay grades are in the service industry, the salaries don’t take into account tips, which can often be responsible for a large part of a server’s income. GoBankingRates, a site that has compiled Career Cast’s findings, notes that Home Health Aide’s are likely to be in high demand as the baby boomer generation ages. The slower growth of Retail Sales jobs could be due in part to the rise of online shopping, and GoBankingRates suggests a side job at a direct sales company for those looking to make money and work from home.

The Highest Paying Jobs of 2017

10. Pharmacist — $122,230, 6%
9. Air Traffic Controller — $122,410, 3%
8. Podiatrist — $124,830, 10%
7. Petroleum Engineer — $128,230, 15%
6. Dentist — $153,900, 17%
5. Chief Executive — $181,210, -3%
4. General Practice Physician — $190,490, 16%
3. Psychiatrist — $194,740, 13%
2. Orthodontist — $208,000, 17%
1. Surgeon — $409,665, 17%

Seven of the top-paying positions fall in the field of medicine, meaning a steep investment in medical school can actually pay off greatly in the long run. While positions like chief executive will see a decline in growth over the next 10 years, most of the medical positions are projected to grow considerably.