By Cailey Rizzo
August 17, 2018

Hurricane Lane, the sixth hurricane in the eastern Pacific so far this season, could make impact with Hawaii early next week.

Meteorologists predict that the hurricane could pass over Hawaii’s Big Island on Tuesday or Wednesday. If it passes directly over the state, residents could experience strong winds and coastal flooding. Although the storm could miss Hawaii, the National Hurricane Center warns that “hazardous conditions could occur outside” of the predicted path.


Here's a closer view of Hawaii, in the center:


Earlier this month, Hurricane Hector was also predicted to hit Hawaii but the storm weakened into a Category 3 and slid just south of the island.

While there are still many different directions Lane could take, residents are urged to keep an eye on the storm, Hawaii News Now reported. The storm is predicted to rapidly intensify over the coming days, due to its tight inner core and warm water below.

Hurricane Lane’s winds are currently in excess of 80 miles per hour — although it’s still about 1,500 from the coast of Hawaii. The impact of the storm will depend on how much latitude it gains as it moves through the Pacific, according to

Hawaii is still battling the Kilauea Volcano eruption. Earlier this week, the U.S. Geological Survey reported a lull in volcanic activity, but Kilauea remains hazardous. There is still “active lava within crusted lava pond,” according to the agency. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park remains closed due to dangerous conditions.