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Credit: Ricardo Roa/EyeEm/Getty Images [edited]

It’s official: We have reached peak avocado mania.

Casa Velas, an adults-only hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, just announced it will be celebrating guacamole through the end of March. More specifically, the hotel explained, it’s celebrating guac’s main ingredient — the mighty avocado — in some rather inventive ways.

Casa Velas
Credit: Courtesy of Casa Velas

Take, for example, avocado’s use at Emiliano, the resort's gourmet Mexican restaurant. There, the chefs have created a special menu highlighting all things avocado including avocado burritos, chocolate mousse made with avocado, waffles with avocado and walnut jam, avocado ceviche with mushrooms and jicama, avocado tiramisu, and much more.

But, perhaps most impressively, the hotel announced in a release that a guacamologist (which is apparently a real thing) will be on hand to prepare fresh guacamole for guests at the pool area and private ocean club.

“Guests can also participate in a cooking class to learn how to prepare different types of guacamole,” the hotel said in a statement. “To keep guests cool in Puerto Vallarta's temperate 85°F weather, avocado shaved ice will be offered in the pool area.”

But the hotel’s guacamole fest doesn’t stop there. At the spa, guests can also experience different treatments using (what else?) avocado as the main ingredient, such as “an exfoliation with avocado skin, avocado body wrap with natural yogurt, and an avocado moisturizing hair treatment.” Of course, you’ll be able to end your day at the hotel bar where you can sip on avocado drinks, such as “cold avocado cream and an avocado and piña colada martini.”

Casa Velas Avocado Ice Cream
Credit: Courtesy of Casa Velas

If you miss this month’s guac fest, have no fear, the hotel will also be offering the “Guacamania experience” in September in honor of Mexico's Independence Day.

While the guacamole extravaganza is kitschy, the hotel is certainly worth visiting in its own right, especially if you’re looking for a kid-free environment.

Casa Velas, located just five minutes from the Puerto Vallarta Airport, features a private ocean club, 80 suites, and access to Marina Vallarta's 18-hole golf course. And the hotel’s Lotus Spa offers much more than avocado treatments, including a hydrotherapy area, garden-view fitness center, and a full beauty salon. So if avocados somehow aren’t your thing, you are very much still welcome there.