WOW Airplane
Credit: Gestur Gislason/Getty Images

Last month, WOW air suddenly ceased all service, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at their destinations. Last week, one of the airline's planes was spotted all alone, seemingly abandoned, at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, reported.

The Twitter account @NYCAviation posted a picture of the plane, sitting all by its lonesome off a New Jersey Turnpike South ramp, “waiting for someone to love it again.”

Abigail Goldring, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokeswoman, told, “It’s been there since March 28, which was the last time a WOW aircraft flew into Newark.”

Considering the abrupt shutdown of WOW air operations, the plane looks not only looks lonely but a little bit spooky. Like a relic of civilization left after some disaster in a movie. In a way, it reminds us a little of abandoned theme parks or movie sets, slowly deteriorating after being used up.

@NYCAviation said that lessors would likely come to repossess the plane within a week or so.

“We’ve been working with the holding company of WOW – Compass Aviation – to work out details for the movement of that aircraft,” Goldring told