In fact, she was happy about the inconvenience.

Greta Thunberg
Credit: Getty Images

When teen activist Greta Thunberg tweets about something, companies listen.

That was exactly the case when Thunberg tweeted that she was sitting on the floor of an overcrowded German train this weekend, prompting the train company to respond.

"Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany," Thunberg wrote over the weekend, surrounded by bags and staring out the window. "And I'm finally on my way home!"

The climate activist was on her way back to her home country of Sweden after attending the UN's COP25 summit in Madrid. Thunberg, who was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year, had sailed to Europe on a catamaran after spending about three months in the U.S.

The German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, however, took issue with Thunberg's tweet that possibly insinuated that she wasn't accommodated, tweeting back saying that had a first class seat she could have utilized.

“Dear #Greta, thank you for supporting us rail workers in the fight against climate change! We were pleased that you were on the ICE 74 with us on Saturday,” the company tweeted, adding that the train was operated with “100 percent green electricity.”

But Deutsche Bahn added: “It would have been even nicer if you had also reported how friendly and competent you were looked after by our team at your seat in first class.”

Thunberg quickly explained that she was actually happy the train was overcrowded as that meant more people were traveling by rail.

“Our train from Basel was taken out of traffic. So we sat on the floor on 2 different trains,” she wrote. “After Göttingen I got a seat.This is no problem of course and I never said it was. Overcrowded trains is a great sign because it means the demand for train travel is high!”

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