Glamorous Pups Took Over Iconic NYC Landmarks in Photographer Gray Malin's Latest Series — See the Fab Photos

"It's all about making the every day a joyful getaway," Malin told Travel + Leisure of his collection, "Dogs in the City."

Gray Malin
Photo: Gray Malin

In his latest series, photographer Gray Malin took some of the city's cutest models and photographed them in some of its most famous locations. The result? An adorable, fun-loving collection of doggone glitz.

"It's all about making the everyday a joyful getaway," Malin told Travel + Leisure.

Gray Malin
Gray Malin. Courtesy of Rockefeller Center

From poodles outside Bergdorf Goodman to corgis in Central Park, the "Dogs of New York City" series is an homage to the city's most famous landmarks and the four-legged friends that accompany its locals.

"It's incredible when you walk the streets of New York and you see all the dogs," Malin told T+L. "The dog world is so visible. New York is obviously so iconic and there are so many dog lovers in the city. So to put them together was a perfect marriage."

Gray Malin's "Dogs of New York City"
Gray Malin
Gray Malin's "Dogs of New York City"
Gray Malin

Shooting in Manhattan can be notoriously difficult, but Malin was able to finagle permission to shoot at must-see locations like Rockefeller Center and The Plaza Hotel in addition to Bergdorf's and Central Park.

"Those locations together told a story about New York," Malin told T+L. "It's not the full story but it's a story."

The furry models chosen for each shot were consummate professionals, capable of holding poses while wearing retro sunglasses without breaking for distractions. They journeyed to all of the touristy hot spots imitating the city's most well-heeled visitors — sometimes even with a baguette in mouth.

And, in true New York fashion, there was a serendipitous moment on set at The Plaza Hotel when Malin learned that the vintage taxi he was shooting was the same cab used in the movie "Home Alone 2," — the inspiration for the shot.

"That shot was like something from dreams to reality," he said.

However, this time around, instead of Kevin McCallister riding in the back, Malin photographed a Dalmation driver and a Weimaraner passenger (complete with headscarf and sunglasses).

Gray Malin's "Dogs of New York"
Gray Malin

Malin began photographing dogs almost on accident during a shoot in Palm Beach a few years ago. The shot was missing something — until Malin remembered that a stylist had her golden retriever out in the parking lot. The same situation happened again in Aspen when a director brought his Bernese mountain dog into the shot. Then, Malin had the inspiration to go all out.

He photographed a series exclusively of dogs looking fabulous at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"I didn't know if people were going to love it or think I was kookoo," Malin admitted. "They're just such a beloved and special animal that it's so relatable."

Beyond New York his canine photography has gone out to the west coast once again where he's already completed another dog shoot at the colorful Parker Palm Springs hotel that will be released in 2022.

"Dogs of New York City" is available for purchase on Malin's website or digital prints available on the Gray Malin App for Apple TV.

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