By Cailey Rizzo
April 15, 2019

A Scandinavian Airlines flight landed about 65 miles away from its target airport because of a GPS error.

The plane left Copenhagen at noon and was scheduled to fly to Florence. But before takeoff, the pilots discovered they did not have “the correct flight route information” and “had to find another airport in which to land,” according to The Independent.

Credit: Getty Images

Service was delayed for about an hour until pilots could find a solution to the route, according to Swedish newspaper Expressen. They decided instead to program a flight to the nearby city of Bologna, located about 65 miles away. The compromise for passengers was that a shuttle bus would take them to their intended final destination.

“We have just landed and it is a sieve with confused people who have booked hotels in another city,” a passenger told the Swedish newspaper. “There is a whole cart full of people who are going to bus now.”

Last month, a British Airways flight from London to Dusseldorf accidentally ended up in Edinburgh after a GPS error. Passengers did not realize the error until the pilots came on the loudspeaker with a “Welcome to Edinburgh” message. All passengers were able to continue onto Dusseldorf and receive compensation for the mistake.