Google introduces AI-powered translations you can use offline.
Credit: Getty Images

Getting real-time translations at the click of a button just got easier for travelers who don’t have unlimited data or international plans, and are looking for ways to translate languages on the go.

Google recently announced that it’s going to begin offering its neural machine translation (NMT), AI-powered translation that can decipher and translate entire sentences into more natural sounding translations, offline.

While users could previously tap into offline translations through Google Translate, the translations were phrase based and didn't utilize the AI-capability of NMT, making the translations rougher.

NMT, on the other hand, takes entire sentences and pays close attention to proper grammar, according to Google representatives, enabling it to create more accurate translations that sound closer to the way a local would speak.

While NMT has long been available online, the new offline capability allows users to access 59 languages without the need for a data connection.

Each language will take up between 35 to 45MB when downloaded so as not to hog device storage. Available languages include everything from Spanish and Icelandic to Vietnamese and Thai.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also offers similar AI-based translation offline capability across a variety of languages through Microsoft Translator.